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In the world of IT commerce, reseller hosting is making big waves, and allowing more and more business to cash in on the eCommerce boom. But for all the buzz, many people don't really know how resellers work.

But it's really not all that complicated; basically, reselling Web service is just a further extension of the principles behind hosting and other outsourced business collaboration. In the same way that a long-distance company buys from Bell and resells to the consumer, hosting resellers act as intermediaries between Hosts and individual companies, usually offering the consumer increased savings or customization.

If you have been thinking about using Web Hosting services, it pays to go through a reseller. Since the reseller has the sales infrastructure to distribute Web packages directly, it can afford to do so at a lower price than the original host might have been able to; in other words, you'll get an industry-standard Web Package at a cut-rate price.

But the most significant advantage of going through a reseller is customization. Because the reseller is dealing with a relatively small client base - often one that is defined by a specialized interest or market stake - it can (and must) be flexible in meeting the needs of its customers. So instead of getting a site that looks like it's just come off an assembly line, you'll get one that truly represents your business.